Historic of Circuit Reims-Gueux

Browsing of the broken trajectory of a temple of the speed

The circuit of Gueux renaît of its ashes. A handle of passionate gathered in association of Les AMis du Circuit de Gueux under houlette to Gérard CUIF, to the price of a bitter toil re- gave life to the infrastructures metamorphosing this site sadly left to the abandonment. The brilliance of the colors of the stands, the restaurant business of the tower of panneautage, cleraing of the tribunes attract still and always many more curious tourists who come themselves pick up any horizon on this place.

How many souvenirs he for all of the Fanatics of this Fabulous and Fantastic automobile sport rekindles.

But these 3F these is not as well as one was designating the famous trio which was dominating the races at the beginning of the years 50 ? They busied the first line at first with GP ACF in 1950. [les 3 F]

FANGIO, the Argentinian of BALCARCE nicknamed by theirs » EL CHUECO », began its European crusade in 1948 at REIMS, triumphed at 3 recaptures and after an unbelievable record of achievements punctuated by 5 world titles, to put a term on its career there where she had really started all a symbol for it !

FAGIOLI who got big victories before war with scuderia FERRARI and with the team MERCEDES delivered battle here on the famous Alfetta who dominated the first years in the new Championship of the Drivers ’ World.

FARINA, the nephew of renowned Pinin Floured, pilot dreaded by his contenders so much he was impétueux, the first champion became world in 1950. Irony of the lot he killed himself in a road accident, Cortina Lotus squashing themselves against a tree at quoted of CHAMBERY returning to REIMS to attend GP ACF in 1966.

Biggest pilots then measured themselves on the circuit champenois. One can cite them all here, but some come to the mind :

ETANCELIN, so recognizable with its cap, took her away in 1927, 1929 and 1933.

CHIRON, Monegasque with the scraf at pois, the (pfx in use)able pilot who took the GPs away of the Calcareous Clay in 1928 and 1934 can GP of France 1949, finished its career in GP at MONACO on LANCIA F1 in 1955. Then he participated in certain minor races !

NUVOLARI 1e frêle Mantovan considered like the one of biggest pilots legend, allowed the care to nobody to win one GP argued ACF at GUEUX that he dominated in 1932.

DREYFUS triumphed in 1930 and 1935. Thereafter, he withdrew himself at NEW YORK where he was welcoming « LE CHANTECLERC » middle automobile gotha in his restaurant.

WIMILLE was doubtless a champion potential of the world. He imposed here in 1936, 1937 and 1948 but killed in Argentinian on GORDINI by in lack of unruly viewers the next year.

HAWTHORN who was beaming life appreciated particularly the week in the races at REIMS and its débriefings on the place of Erlon. He only took 3 GP away but his successes re- month were resounding. Its victory of 1953 having to FANGIO was named the race of the century by the Englishes. In 1958 he made lonely and had the elegance horseman not take a turn to FANGIO and made a big shot not towards the title.

BRABHAM by its victory of 1960 gotten at the flying of little COOPER at motive posterior on this plotted express to the detriment of the powerful FERRARI at motive front turned here a page of the history of FI.

Another page opened assemblers », for the « as ENZO FERRARI was designating them with a certain contempt, and the CLARK MAC LAREN, G HILL, STEWART, RINDT and consorts undertaked to write it.

As for the marks which illustrated themselves on the circuit of GUEUX, one will detain the BUGATTI and ALFA ROMEO typo B in the years 20 and 30 and in this troubled period which preceded the war, the sur- powerful AUTO UNION and MERCEDES exercised.

At the recapture in 1947 the French had again their word to tell and the GORDINI and TALBOT made resounded Marseillaise.
 In the years 50 one attended the dominion cars ALFA ROMEO red, FERRARI and MASERATI ET who was broken by the triumphant return of MERCEDES in 1954.

That of BUGATTI in 1956 only was alas than a fire of straw.

After 1960 the first lines became green with the interlude BAGHETTI in 61 who took it away in extremis in front of PORSCHE GURNEY and BONNIER thrown to its trousses.

The plateaux besides the FI, were completed by other categories among which the 12H of REIMS real little closing «  » MANS who saw if to face the JAGUAR ; FERRARI ; TALBOT ; GORDINI ; PORSCHE ; FORD ; LOLA... and in the small cylindrées the French were represented well by DB PANHARD RENAULT. . . Last years the meetings re- month were conducted by the F2 F3, Formulate France and cut them off of provinces and of GORDINI.
 At Last the rallyes and Towers of France auto were arguing ordeals of fast on the noted circuit.

When the big hours of the circuit of REIMS are evoked one can forget a man who left a print indelible and his name is inexorably bound in these places.
 Raymond ROCHE entire and debated personage but devoted man all its life at its passion and man hearted who was not hesitating awhile deliver viatique to a runner who no longer had a penny for the return !
 He was admiring his pilots and a point was putting honour supervise the fastest race of Europe in competition with rival SPA.
 Unfortunately the constant evolution of the demanded performances and the measures of safety has fair title by the pilots under the aegis of STEWART finished by put a term on this epic.

GP of EUROPE FI of 1966 with the new regulation carrying cylindrée of the one seater F1à 3000cc was the song of the swan. . .et the 233,669km / h at the turn realised by HAWKINS on LOLA in 1967 pounded the circuit become out-of-date.

The sport auto was then in full expansion and nor the catastrophe of MANS in 1955, who made this year there, cancel GP nor the oil-related crisis of 1973 stopped its stair forth.
 Of the television-related commented balbutiements by DRUCKER or COLLARO who were having to erase themselves when TIERCE one is past at the unbridled rhythm of the in full rebroadcasts in straightforward of FI. Was the geographic situation of REIMS ideal (what about of MAGNY COURS or of PAUL RICARD ?)And to perpetuate this mythical place heavy with history was owing step to clash with each other to a financial obstacle,
 He lacked a visionary capable of federating the collectivities and the investors to fit a circuit out as SPA FRANCORCHAMPS knew to make so well it.

In the meantime in 1965 the houses of Champagne bickered themselves in front of the cameras of television. LAGARDERE was however there but nobody took guard !

Today a wind of optimism is felt after the successful demonstrations of WEEA organized by FRANZ HUMMEL with the sponsering of JEAN ALESI in 2007et 2008. If the ambition were not the return of the FI, the huge popular instigated craze rekindled the flame of the souvenir which will be perpetuated by the conservation of the infrastructures designed for the future to welcome such gatherings.

Historic LOLA always participates in races, and pilot champardennais will make itself surely a pleasure to participate in the WEEA 2009.

Laurent RIVIERE - The notebooks of paddock.

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