An Automobile Academy for the Circuit of Gueux

The Friends of the circuit of Gueux proposed the idea to create a cultural structure intended for the history(story) of the former(ancient) circuit of Reims-Gueux. Several projects were suggested through articles of press or memory(report) of student. We can remember ourselves in particular the work realized in 2000 by Eric Dhôtel then raise(bring up) architect on the illegal securement of the light in buildings(ships). Remember, he(it) had presented the model of his(its) project at the 12 hours(am) of Gueux 2005. It was about a futuristic building situated behind paddocks on the zone used at present for the concentration of former(ancient) and sports vehicles of the 12 hours(am) of Beggar. The project of track(runway) which wants to make of this place a car park for the visitors, it would be enough to move the infrastructure on an adjoining earth(ground). Eric Dhôtel envisaged in his thesis the movement on the lands of the circuit of Gueux of the automobile Museum of Reims Champagne which is at present avenue Clemenceau in Reims. The project would consist of the realization of this structure in a little bit different purposes because it would not be about a museum but about an academy intended for the history(story) of the circuit of Reims-Gueux and for the regional history(story) of the automobile. The academy would be endowed with a collection(fund) containing on one hand written and photographic documents supplied by the ACG, the sponsors or the partners and on the other hand the automobile mechanical details(rooms) made in hundreds of factories under - traitantes of the region. The Academy of the circuit of Reims-Gueux would benefit from rooms of conference intended for the division(sharing) of the at the same moment theoretical and practical knowledge within training courses(formations) by welcoming the pupils, the schoolchildren, the high school students, the students and the employees of the automobile branch, the reading room put at the disposal in particular of historians whose sources(springs) of documentation are often scattered in the reserves of the public archives and in the private collections. A big showroom would allow the presentation(display) of mechanical material(equipment) didactic as skinned(grazed) engines such as they were conceived in the XXth century. The car industry is in full alteration(transfer) and it is likely that the conception of the automobile of tomorrow is radically very different making cross(spend) quickly the internal combustion engine of your car in museums. Let us be present on the forehead(front) of the historic preservation(conservation). Thematic and interactive exhibitions(exposures) could emphasize some characteristic vehicles of a mark(brand) or of time(period), in that case the automobile Museum of Champagne-Ardenne would be a co-worker privileged by his collection(fund) which would only be growing in synergy with the fame of such an academy. A tourist office would realize the information on all the region Champagne Ardenne. Such a set(group) would allow to organize sessions dedications of authors or pilots(drivers), retrospective actions(shares). The big room could serve as art gallery to expose(explain) the regional contemporary artists. The public Academy would establish(constitute) an essential tourist asset(trump card) and an inescapable site for our region. At present the A.C.G. Subjects this project to the approval of the local authorities which are the guarantors for our heritage(holdings) and for our culture. The alternative in case of renunciation could be the creation of a private foundation but it is another history(story). Gérard CUIF (in April, 2006)