ACG and the 12e Rally to Monte Carlo Historique

After a presence of ACG at the controls technical in the park of the expos and at first of the Hotel of Town of Reims of the 12e Historic Rally to Monte Carlo, one delegation of ACG came down to Monaco to stand twenty contestants champenois du JMW Racing CH and of RCVHS.
 These last were able to see the banderole association in the Collar of Turini and in the ascent of Savournon two mythical places of the rally to Monte Carlo Some crews of the Stable Gueux Historic Legend were able to make beautiful dreams as for a future participation.
 The first step of concentration was hard for all of the contestants after 24h00 of road without sleeping and we were as proud to see them leave from Reims than to welcome them at their coming to Monte Carlo.
 Keenly next year.