1926 : 2nd GP of the Marne, 1st 12 Hours of Rheims ...

Circuit of Rheims-Gueux, also called Circuit of Rheims:

  • circuit of triangular form
  • situé to about fifteen kilometers in the south-west of Rheims enters the villages of Thillois and Gueux
  • pour a layout of 7,816 kilometers.
  • constituted of three long straight lines of the RN31, the CD26 and the CD27 and three Gueux turns, Garenne and the Good Meeting.
  • pour to create loopholes and to make it possible the circuit to be even faster, trees were cut down at the roadsides and of old houses were demolished

July 25, 1926

 2nd GP of the Marne

  • Victorious : François Lescot
  • Convey : Bugatti T35B 2L C
    • Better turn in : 117 km/h by F Lescot on Bugatti
    • Average of : 114,775km/h

 Travel of the motor bikes and motorcycle combinations

August 22, 1926

 Cross of Gold: 1st 12 Hours of Rheims

  • Victorious : Gauthier
  • Convey : Bignan 2L C
    • Distance covered : 1056 km

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